Fighting the Startup Battle

Startup Bugs

Let’s face it. A startup never begins without its bugs, hiccups, or caveats. Utilities.Games is no different. Our tool has come a long way, even through bugs, server troubles, and “life-first” events. The members of this team are helping create this tool as a hobby, and as such, often times must shift priorities a bit. Does this mean we are not yet successful, though? Our concept of success is simply that we keep working towards improving as we can. We ask that our small audience thus far is patient with us as we wage war on the Startup Routine.  

Startup Bugs.

We have already squashed many bugs. We’ve been fortunate to self-discover many of them as we test new or existing features. A particularly tricky one happened recently. Our hosting company sent a planned update to the underlying infrastructure our server uses. This caused a seemingly phantom process to absorb 80+ percent of our available CPU power. This was a drastic change, as the average 95 percentile load over the course of the development path thus far had been barely over 3.5% CPU utilization. Now, seemingly out of nowhere, it was pegged at a solid and consistent 80% or greater. 

As is usually the case, user-error was to blame. Due to a small degree of unpreparedness which lead to the server not being gracefully shut down before their planned upgrade (Yep. Our bad.), the bug surfaced. The core of our app somehow managed to spawn a twin of itself outside of the utility that typically controlled it. Long story short, this was three whole days spent racking our brains with it. We were assuming the worst, that either Malware, Rootkits, data corruption (thankfully this was not the case), or some other negative instance that could happen was to blame. Instead, simply re-synchronizing the server with our local data was all it took to get the site back up and running again. Thankfully, this, so far, has been our worst battle and we have begun taking measures to mitigate future concerns of this nature. 

Life Comes Before the Startup

To be very clear, this is a hobby for us, at least for the time being. We all have primary jobs and other areas of focus in which we invest the majority of our time and effort. That said, there may be lulls in which there seems to be little-to-no progress in regard to this tool. This should not be seen as an indicator of abandonment or hopelessness, but simply a side-affect of needing to continue to actually support ourselves out in the real world. This then allows us to continue our pursuit of our hobbies, in whatever shape they take. 

Everyone involved with this tool has become very passionate about it.  We continue to show incredible amounts of interest, even when the ability or effort is not able to be expressed explicitly. As the tool continues to evolve and become whatever it is destined to become, we again ask for your patience. We are all in this to create something we love and plan to continue doing so.

So until next time, keep the games running. Don’t forget to remember what matters most, whatever that may be.

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