Beyond PokeTools

Hi! My name is Kyle and I’m one of the folks on the team behind Utilities.Games (Always pronounced utilities dot games).

The project itself was the brainchild of Trais, but when he told me about it I knew I wanted to be a part of it. So I’m here to give you my vision of what else we are planning to offer, primarily based on our passions, together and separately.

Who I Am

Well, like I said, I’m Kyle, and I am passionate in MANY things: Pokemon, Technology, Mobile Gaming, System Administration, Music, and so much more. Being asked to help out with this project was an amazing opportunity as I had many times in the past thought things like “Hey, wouldn’t it be neat if..” followed by any number of things related to passions I pursue on a daily basis. Almost every single one of those things can be featured in a place like this!

Where that Takes Us

My passions, although many align with Trais’, sometimes travel a different direction, and that’s what I’m here, right now, writing to you about. so let’s get started.

Summoners War

An absurdly large amount of my free time currently get’s taken up by this game. Although had I had many of the tools I had thought about wanting with the whole “hey wouldn’t it be neat if,” concept, that time spent just might have been that much more efficiently spent. Needless to say, even though there are a plethora of tools out there, my goal with this is to help garner a set of tools that I, personally, wished I had during my progression through this game. So stay tuned, you never know where this could take us.

PUBG, Fortnite, Rings of Elysium, Et Al.

Yep. I went there. These games are absurdly popular, and more pop up daily (Looking at you, BLOPS4). The concept of all these battle arena style games is the same, and in many cases, they can take advantage of the same tools. In-game speed, distance calculations, time-to-travel, Ammo-weight calculations and so much more. I hope is to create a set of tools that may provide a degree of usefulness in a way that others fall short or fail to provide entirely. I don’t plan on leaving this genre behind just yet, so let’s look forward to this, as well.

Other Games

We are never close-minded here at Utilities(dot)Games (yep, just making sure it sinks in). We want your feedback, we want your criticism, and we may even want your Dank Memes. So on that note, please, leave comments below as to how YOU feel we can improve, where we can go, or if there is a super-sweet tool you think would be neat to see come to fruition.

Use Case for Comparison Chart

During one of my auto-play sessions on YouTube, I found an interesting use case for our Pokemon Comparison Chart. So, let’s respond to AlmightMandalsTop 10 Overpowered Generation 3 Pokemon!

I believe I was able to set this up in the same order of the video:

Hands down, Metagross deserved the upper-end (if not top) of the list! However, based on this view, Swampert seems to be the most all around versatile and a personal favorite.

One thing that we may consider for the site as a result of this breakdown is the (maybe optional) inclusion of type comparison.

Let us know in the comments how you think these Pokèmon stack up against one another. Are there any from Generation 3 that you would add?

Hello World!

Welcome to the inaugural post of the new Utilities.Games site! Today I’ll try to cover what I have envisioned for the Utilities.Games network and bit of how it came to be.

The Beginning

A bit of background about me, quite simply I’m a developer. My career has been in the realm of manufacturing where I picked up minor software development skills. Over the past few years I’ve been able to hone these skills within the manufacturing industry. There have been a few personal projects here and there, things like music players and to-do lists, but ultimately I noticed I had fallen into groove in terms of what and how I developed. For those who are curious, my development stack primarily consisted of .NET Framework (VB.NET, VBA, ASP.NET and C#). There are so many other languages and technologies these days, and I want to learn as much as I can. But, like many people, I struggle to truly learn and understand new things without having a project to allow myself to ‘get into the weeds’.

Throughout my career, so far, I’ve put an emphasis on developing tools for myself and others to try to make their work lives a little easier. From automating reports, getting industrial machines to “talk to each other”, to just straight up reducing button clicks in the day-to-day tasks, I love providing useful tools to make things easier and faster.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic and pulled out some of my old Pokemon games and spent a few long nights with auto-play on YouTube watching glitch videos and speed runs. It’s been a while since I really got into Pokemon, so most of my memory was fading of when/how Pokemon evolve, what/when moves they learn, and other important tidbits. Naturally, I took to the internet, remembering playing my Gameboy and DS in front of the computer with either or Bulbapedia open (free shout out to those guys!). But, the more I kept watching YouTube playthroughs and developing my own playthrough strategies, the more I noticed a gap in finding hands-on tools to improve your game. At this point, I knew how I wanted to knock out two Pidgey’s with one Safari Zone rock.

The Goals

The purpose for this site is, and hopefully always will be, to provide interactive content that can help the user play their game better or at least more informed. Ultimately, what content is going to be more or less up to you as the end-user. For me, I get a chance to practice development every time a new idea comes along and I love it! For users, hopefully they receive a tool that they can keep coming back to for help.

Technically, as I’m writing this, we have not officially “gone live”. However, we plan to release the site on social media soon and incorporating some cost-paying ads (sorry, gotta pay the bills). Once we’re live, we hope to receive input from our users on what tools to add next (and what to fix…). This includes different game series. Right now we only have Pokemon tools, but we’d love to add more. Who knows, maybe we’ll add a Summoner’s War site, or Elder Scrolls, or Zelda site? We’ll try to leave that ultimately up to suggestions.

As a developer, I look to update often, so please bear with us if the interface changes and know that your opinion matters. If you don’t like the way an interface looks or works, or a recent change, don’t hesitate to tell us. That isn’t to say that everything will be exactly how you personally like it, but we’ll certainly strive for that.

The End

Well, almost. I just wanted to say thank you for reading into what we’re doing and I hope that you at least appreciate what we’re trying to accomplish.